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6 Jul 2017

Top 9 New Technology Future Inventions Gadgets Coming in 2017

1. Hover Bike 2. Nokia OZO: Virtual Reality Camera 3. HELIX: Wearable Cuff with Wireless Bluetooth ...

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1 Aug 2017

Apple’s Cook Says HomePod's Quality Will Blow People Away

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the company's new HomePod voice-controlled speaker for the home. He speaks with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology” ...

8 Jul 2017

Newegg TV: How to Clean Your Computer - Maintenance and Optimization So you've gone out and built your own PC. Now what? Here's a quick and easy guide to help you maintain and optimize your beloved ...

13 Jul 2017

Android Tutorial: Getting Started - KitKat

Are you New to Android? This is the first of a series of videos we're producing to help people who are brand new to Android feel comfortable. In this tutorial video ...

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16 Jul 2017

Hisense H8C Review: Best Budget 55" 4K HDR TV for $550!?

Is the Hisense 55H8C is one of the best cheap 4K TVs you can buy? It's a SMART UHD TV with HDR and great colour accuracy! Also, good response time for ...

23 Jul 2017

How to Build the Ultimate Home Theater Entrance - The Burke Home Theater Project

How to build a grand entrance for a home theater. Step by step follow the construction of this great movie room element. And be sure to tune in to all the other ...

19 Jul 2017

How To Cool Down Your Computer

Today I show you how to quickly lower the temperature of your computer. Is your computers temperature rising? Act quickly to avoid permanent damage to your ...

29 Jul 2017

Future Military Technology - US Military Secret Weapons Technology (Full Documentary)

America Future Secrets Military Weapons #Mind Blow (Full Documentary) MOST FEARED Weapons Technology for US Military (Message to world) 2016 This ...

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16 Jul 2017

ULTIMATE AMD Value APU PC Computer "How To" Build Guide

This is our first value build guide. We've had so many requests for both a value build guide as well as an AMD build guide that we teamed up with AMD to make ...

24 Jul 2017

Full Show: Bloomberg Technology (06/01)

Jun.01 -- Guests include: Techonomy CEO David Kirkpatrick, Essential President Niccolo De Masi, Box Inc. CEO Aaron Levie, Baidu's Adam Coates and ...

13 Jul 2017

How To Install iOS 11 Beta 1 FREE No Computer - iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

How To Install NEW iOS 11 Beta 1 Without Computer on ANY iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. FREE iOS 11 Download. Super Easy! Profile Download: ...

1 Aug 2017

How To Install a HomeTheater Subwoofer

Installing a home theater subwoofer from