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16 Jul 2017
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Keep tabs on your trucks using Fleet Tracking technology


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Posted By Elva J.

There was a time when delivery drivers left a depot in the morning and the only time you new when they had dropped their load was if they cared to ring from the drop-off point. It's a different story today. Modern Fleet tracking systems keep a watchful eye over deliveries; you know where your trucks are day and night.

Some of the most advanced telematics systems that incorporate Fleet Tracking technology not only send data back about the vehicle, they report on the driver as well. It's clever stuff and with Fleet Tracking you can monitor the movements of your deliveries, enhancing customer service at the same time.

Fleet Tracking helps you to reduce fuel consumption and boosts vehicle security as well. Fitted by teams who supply car audio equipment, Fleet Tracking is a valuable vehicle asset tool.

What are the advantages of Fleet tracking?

Remember the days when you hoped and prayed your trucks would be landing at depots but you had a sneaking suspicion they'd be parked at a roadside cafe instead? They're long gone. Advanced ranges of Fleet Tracking give your fingertip information; you know exactly where your wagons are at all times.

Ask experts in car audio to Install Fleet Tracking solutions and information is compiled about individual journeys, you can use this data to plan routes with greater efficiency in the future, reducing wasted man hours in the process.

Fleet Tracking helps you to keep abreast of maintenance schedules; you know exactly when your vehicles need MOTs or new road tax thanks to feedback from the tracking systems.

Use this type of smart technology and you'll find Fleet Tracking makes massive savings and helps to improve service levels too.

Cut down on crime

Vehicle theft is rife in the UK but effective Fleet tracking solutions help to reduce crime. You'd be able to track and trace your trucks if they had Fleet Tracking systems fitted by specialists in car audio.

Monitor your trucks at every stage of their journey and you'll know exactly where they are once Fleet Tracking is operational. Tell the police exactly where your prized assets are if they get stolen, Fleet Tracking provides pinpoint accuracy.

It's really easy to keep tabs on your trucks when you have Fleet Tracking fitted; thieves just haven't got a chance.

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By Danny W. on JUL 20 2017 @ 11:16AM

Just use GPS.

By Carlos B. on JUL 19 2017 @ 6:23PM

Knowing where you vehicles at all time is absolutely critical when evaluating you operations effectiveness and efficiency. Knowledge is power.

By Jasmine F. on JUL 18 2017 @ 1:12PM

I noticed that my super shuttle driver's phone has a really good tracking system for all their vehicles.

By Ivan V. on JUL 17 2017 @ 8:08AM

I wonder if there are any apps for this, of if you really have to invest in something big and combersome.

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